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Innovators of advanced powder materials and preparation technology


Detection Technology


   AVIMETAL has established a number of dust-free powder processing workshops with constant temperature and humidity, breaking through metal powder processing and testing technology, and establishing a national-level metal powder material joint research and testing laboratory. The laboratory has introduced more than 20 sets of domestic and foreign brand testing equipment such as laser particle size analyzer, standard sieving analyzer, ONH analyzer, C/S analyzer, ICP spectrum analyzer, metallographic microscope, mechanical property testing machine, etc., with material chemical composition , Gas content, particle size, sphericity, fluidity, loose density, tap density, metallographic structure, mechanical properties and other testing capabilities. The company undertook the construction of the Additive Manufacturing and New Material Technology Innovation Center in Beijing Development Zone, and jointly established the Hebei Additive Manufacturing Industry Technology Research Institute to provide continuous technical support for the development of metal 3D printing materials.